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Friends of Meadowside

Clothing Donations

Clothing Donations

We value clothing donations that are in good condition and ready to wear, you are welcome to donate single items but you can also arrange a clothing drive from your workplace or local community. Putting clothes in the bin means that landfill sites fill up quicker, greenhouse gas emissions increase, and end up harming the environment.

At Friends of Meadowside, we put your unwanted clothes to better use by giving them to people within the community who are less fortunate. Over the past couple of years, we have become committed to helping those in need while advocating for fair and equal conditions for everybody in Warrington.

Friends of Meadowside welcome donations of good quality, second-hand items and clothing, your donations are essential in helping to provide clean and extra clothes to those in need.

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear?

Why not donate them to Friends of Meadowside?

Everything you donate is reused or recycled, helping us lessen our impact on the environment while supporting people and families within our community. We encourage you to sort through your wardrobe and donate any items you no longer wear to Friends of Meadowside.

We provide a free clothing service for anyone on a low income, everything we receive helps us to do more for families facing bad housing and homelessness. During the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak please check our Facebook page for the latest updates or contact us if you want to make a donation.

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In order to continue our work for the community, Friends of Meadowside is dependant on funding and donations.

A small contribution goes a long way and gives us the chance to expand and improve our wide range of services.
Please donate now, and make a difference to your community.