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Friends of Meadowside

Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Friends of Meadowside provides emotional support, guidance and information to anyone who is struggling in life, including families, friends and carers. A big part of keeping yourself mentally well is keeping yourself physically well. Our team of volunteers has seen and heard it all, we can help you through or talk about any issues you may have.

Our emotional support services are confidential, we offer non-judgemental and compassionate support. Providing emotional care involves being compassionate and treating the person as a unique individual, we create a space where you feel safe to talk about things that are most affecting you.

At Friends of Meadowside, we want you to feel part of a community as we address the complexities of life, including exclusion and isolation, as well as the daily challenges of anxiety or mental health. The most important thing is talking about your feelings.

Our team can help you get the information and emotional support you need to start feeling back on track, we can give you some personal advice, or even help you to get advice from an expert.

Friends of Meadowside offers a helping hand when times get tough to families living in your community. It’s a cuppa and a chat when life seems to be out of control.

We know a little goes a long way and if we improve the lives of those we support, we improve our whole community.

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In order to continue our work for the community, Friends of Meadowside is dependant on funding and donations. A small contribution goes a long way and gives us the chance to expand and improve our wide range of services.

If you would like some more information about our emotional support services, please don’t hesitate to contact Friends of Meadowside today!