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Friends of Meadowside

Interview Clothing

Interview Clothing

First impressions are crucial. We prepare clients to look and feel the part ready to succeed in a job interview through the provision of free, high-quality interview clothing. Our goal is to help people look and feel confident, to be able to succeed in their interviews and gain successful employment.

Our clothing is ‘very high quality’ pre-worn clothing donated by individuals and organisations, all the clothing is carefully sorted and dry cleaned.

Friends of Meadowside rely on community support, such as donations of high-quality clothing and the time of dedicated staff and volunteers, to give job seekers clothing and confidence to make the best possible first impression.

There are several ways businesses and individuals can get involved or donate interview clothing; if you are a business or individual that shares our passion, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding a donation!

Dressed For Success

We are always grateful for donations of good quality, clean, smart clothing suitable for business wear for men and women, including suits, shirts, ties, dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, handbags, unused tights, shoes and accessories.

Whether you are able to donate clothing or maybe organise a suit drive at your workplace, all donations are very much appreciated.

Friends of Meadowside harness the power of clothes to allow men and women to achieve a crucial moment in their life. Confidence, self-belief and practical tools are all that are need to succeed during interviews and transform a life.

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In order to continue our work for the community, Friends of Meadowside is dependant on funding and donations.

A small contribution goes a long way and gives us the chance to expand and improve our wide range of services.
Please donate now, and make a difference to your community.